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Sexy photoshoot for Wonderbra

Il video del sexy photoshoot di Jentina per Wonderbra pubblicato sul sito di

       Maxim! + alcuni scatti!


Behind-the-scene video of Jentina's sexy photoshoot for Wonderbra! + some

                            new photos!









Jentina: Maxim Girl of the week

Questo č l'articolo pubblicato da Maxim!


This is the article appeared on Maxim!



Forget the drum-playing gorilla – check out the sexy internet piss-take featuring the gorgeous Jentina. It shows the Surrey-born model in all her Wonderbra-clad glory – and yes, she’s definitely got rhythm. Jentina first raised eyebrows aged 19 when she rapped about being a ‘Bad Ass Strippa’. Now she’s put her words into practice by shedding her clothes for Maxim. Say hello to this sexy rising star, then beat your chest in ape-like excitement.

You got the actions of the drumming gorilla spot on. Did you study that clip a lot?

I loved the advert and probably watched the clip about 100 times – but we got the take first time. It was actually quite easy to do and looks a lot harder than it is.


Is it easier to play the drums in a bra than in a gorilla suit?

Definitely. It’s less sweaty in a bra and much more sexy. I think my breasts look great without a bra, but in a bra they look amazing.


Your boobs were described in the advert as ‘two cups full of joy’. What would be in your cup that would bring you joy?

A tomato-flavoured Cup-A-Soup. Especially when it’s cold outside. Yum!


What was your first job?

Working at a barber’s washing hair and sweeping up. Every Saturday, without fail, almost every boy from my school would come to get their hair washed just so I could lean over them and they could look at my chest! At school I had really big ones. I used to be called ‘big tit Jen’.


What three things might our readers not know about you?

I am a gypsy, I live in Peckham and I’m obsessed with Facebook!


Been poking people much?

I’ve been poking people far too much. It’s got a hold of me – I keep sending people drinks and flowers and things. I think I’ve got about 200 friends. It’s mad – who would have thought 10 years ago you could do this? It’s like Surprise Surprise. People went on there to find each other, now we have Facebook…




Add to friends!

Il nuovissimo FanSpace dedicato a Jentina č aperto! Non aspettate,

       aggiungetelo subito ai vostri amici di MySpace!


Hey guys, add to your MySpace's friends the new Jentina FanSpace!




NEWS - Jentina in a new advert for Wonderbra

Wonderbra ha creato uno spot diffuso via web con protagonista Jentina!

       Leggete QUESTO articolo pubblicato dal Daily Mail.

       Per scaricare il video cliccate QUI e date un'occhiata alla gallery!


                     Wonderbra has made a commercial on the web starring Jentina!

                            Read THIS article on Dialy Mail.

                            For download the advert click HERE and check out the gallery section!






La Gallery e la sezione Media sono state aggiornate con materiale nuovo!

       E non dimenticatevi di leggere il GUESTBOOK! c'č un fantastica sorpresa! ;)

The Gallery and the Media sections are just update with some new material!

       Go to read the GUESTBOOK! There is a great surprise! ;)


JENTINA's PLAYER - New website section!

Ciao ragazzi, cliccando QUI potete ascoltare per intero l'album di Jentina!

Hi guys, click HERE for listen the Jentina's album!



  Gallery aggiornata!

  Gallery update!



  Tutte le sezioni ora sono aperte! Comprese la Gallery e la sezione Media!

  All the sections now are open! Check out the Gallery and the Media section!



Jentina sta lavorando al suo secondo album, intitolato 'Grace', e potrebbe uscire a fine 2007 - inizio 2008

Jentina is working on her second album, 'Grace', and  is due out late 2007 - early 2008.



Ciao ragazzi, Benvenuti nel nuovo Fan Site di Jentina, potete firmare il guestbook QUI

Hi guys, welcome to Jentina's Fan Site, sign the guestbook HERE